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This Entertained Me

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She looks just like one of those troll toys you could stick on the end of your pencil when I was a kid but she goes by the name of GoldenGoddessXXX. When it comes to porn you are guaranteed to encounter all sorts and this chick rings the bell of epitome. Most certainly one of the more confused individuals I have seen.

I see there is one picture on her profile where she has yellow hair. No, not blonde, it’s yellow, cartoon yellow, which clearly keeps in theme with the rest of her persona. Her bedroom, as you can see is also a dead give away that she’s hooked on fantasy, superhero fantasy to be specific it also resonates in her performances.

Sometimes she has a little bit less wacky friend, who might be her girlfriend (and I don’t mean BFF) on her shows which brings some sweet lesbian action into play.

She’s completely harmless though and pretty sweet actually and they are both very cute. They are fun to watch and you canĀ chat live with GoldenGoddessXXX.

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