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I’m a creature of habit. I don’t branch out from my norm very often. To say I like it in my comfort zone would be an understatement. I’m the kind of guy that every restaurant that I’ve been to more than once, every time I go I look over the menu and end up ordering […]

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I’m certainly no stranger to xxx cam chat, in fact, I do it on a daily basis. I have a real passion for mixing it up with total strangers and every now and then I hit the jackpot and discover a smooth girl that might be up for just about anything. Today just happened to […]

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I learned a valuable lesson today and I figured that I might as well share what happened to you. Here I was balls deep going for it with this smoking hot live porn cams babe and boom… I came out of nowhere and boy was it very embarrassing. Normally I wouldn’t really care but the […]

It Beats Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow has quickly become one of my most hated chores. I would rather be stuck at home than go out and shovel ever again. My ass still hurts from slipping on an icy step a couple of days ago. Right now, I have my heater cranked up, a bottle of lube, and a box […]