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It’s not a strange thing for my mind to start wondering. Even if I have a full day of activities planned I often find myself sitting back just staring into space. Looking back I feel like I have always had trouble paying attention to something even if I feel like I want it. This short attention span has caused me and my cock so many issues in fact, just last week my girlfriend dumped me because of this.

I wasn’t going to continue down this path, not when all my friends are having the time of their lives and I’m just sitting on the sidelines like a little bitch. I had a bit of a flashback if you wish and in my memory, I recalled that I rather did enjoy playing free adult sex games.

I had nothing at all to lose and so much to gain, as such I thought it was about time that I just went for it and dove in balls deep. It didn’t take long at all for all those good memories to come flashing back. Now at least I know that I have found the thing that’s been missing for so long. I do hope the Narcos XXX game is going to be what I need to become a man again!

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