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Porn is alright. I mean, nothing against porn stars. They’re gorgeous and great at what they do, but I like something a little more real and interactive. At CamBB I can find people just like me. Well, they’re braver than me actually. These are regular people that just like sex. They’re comfortable in their sexuality and get turned on by turning people like me on.

So when I’m looking for a good time this is where I go. I just pick whichever category I’m feeling at the moment, find the person or people most appealing and have a good time. Now I say it like that because you don’t have to pick just a solo act. You can choose girls getting it on together for you or even guys getting each other off. Hell you can even find couples that are willing to let you watch. I’m telling you there’s so much to choose from you won’t know where to start. Trust me, it doesn’t matter what gets you going, as long as you get there.


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