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Cams Are Way Better Than Dating

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My last girlfriend was kinky as hell but also a little crazy. She’d scratch me up during sex all the time. It was hot for the first few times but after that, I got a little scared. I broke up with her because I’m not trying to die over some sex, you know? Luckily the restraining order went through and I think I’m going to be okay.

I’ve been a little hesitant about getting back out there in the dating world, so I’ve been dipping my toe in the sex-cam pool instead. It’s like an online date where everyone gets laid and no one has to text anyone afterward. No strings. No obligations. And it’s hot as fuck. I use this site called because it’s really easy to navigate and find the cam model of your choice. I’ve been getting off with this hottie called mykinkydope for the last few weeks and you should go check her out too! I won’t get jealous. It’s not like I’m some crazy jealous ex-girlfriend or something.

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